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Pass your K53 Learner’s & Driver’s tests with Topscore

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This fully interactive learning system covers all the essential parts of the K53 Learner's and K53 Driver's tests, with a bonus Hazard Awareness section that is designed to help you become a safer driver. K53 Learner's and Driver's Test Success is produced by top South African learner and driver experts, with UK's number 1 learner driver software developers (well over 4.7 million users)

Purchase your copy here, and get a head start on your Learner’s & Driver’s Tests or if you prefer you can download the K53 Learner’s & Driver’s Test Success Essentials Edition, or watch our video demo.

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Buy the PC CD-ROM version of K53 Learner's & Driver's Test Success with additional Hazard Awareness section.


Download K53 Learner's & Driver's Test Success - Essentials Edition (excludes Hazard Awareness video clips). 80 MB

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K53 Learner’s and Driver’s Test Success, includes the following great features: